Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

It's puppy time

Since I and many of my friends are vegans (or at least vegetarians), it's no wonder we love animals. If you live with a cute cat or dog, even carnivores can go crazy about your hairy friend and so do we too!

My friend Melisser happens to be the mom of one of the most amazing and adorable pups in the whole wide world. Not only that Strummer is a raving beauty and herbivore but she is also well-behaved and smells like caramel (no joke!). And because of all these fabulous characteristics, it's no wonder people want to hear about Strummer over and over again. To supply this want, Melisser decided to create a new blog, so everybody can have as much Strummer as often as they want. What a wonderful and generous idea. So, if you now feel like wanting some cuteness overdose: (visiting on your own risk!)


  1. That must be YOUR hand because I would say NO BITING! hahaha.

  2. Strummer is the cutest thing to hit the West Coast :)