Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

It's about healthy fast food and love, sent around the world

Last Tuesday my incredibly respectful neighbors didn't stop partying until 3 in the morning. Since I was reading a really entertaining part of the book I started to devour three hours before, I decided to read for some more minutes. At 4.20 am the birds outside my window started to sing and the sun slowly turned my room from black to bright and I couldn't resist the idea to stay up all night long. At five I took a quick shower, finished the book and got myself ready to check out a new vegetarian fast food restaurant I had read about the day before. If you're unemployed and usually sleep until noon everyday it's quite shocking to find out the trains are overfilled at 7 am. How can so many people be awake so early???
20 minutes after they opened for the day, I arrived at Supergood for me! on Friedrichstraße. This shop opened on 06/19 and is supposed to be the first of many shops all over Germany. Their concept is to provide healthy vegetarian and organic meals from 7 am - 11 pm, that are fast to make but still nutritious. The first thing you'll recognize is the nice to look at lounge style. Everything is held in nature-like colors, such as green, sand and brown and the shape of the furniture is probably meant to be organic.
The girl at the counter was very friendly, but strangely didn't know what vegan means (which is always surprising to me, when I'm at a vegetarian restaurant). Sadly I have to say the breakfast options were extremely disappointing! None of their sandwiches are vegan nor was I able to find vegan cereals. So I opted for a small fruit salad and a soy latte. The latte was too bitter for my taste, but the salad is a good offer. It doesn't include anything special, but I don't say no to completely organic fresh-cut fruits for 90 € cent! And although I was a still hungry and in a bad mood, I enjoyed spending some time in this place. They played old Motown hits and it's always fun to watch people who pass by. All in all I think, to form myself an opinion about Supergood for me, I have to go there again to see what I can get for lunch or dinner. But I certainly don't recommend going there before 11 am!
After this I set off towards the Gorilla branch in Zehlendorf to try the food of these pioneers of healthy vegetarian fast food for the first time. You can't imagine how sad I was to find out all their shops had been opened for the very last time just the day before. Due to "some minor and major mistakes" (quote Gorilla team), they had to close their company after three years. RIP Gorilla :(

But you all know: Where there is darkness there is light, and if this maybe isn't true for the Gorilla team, it indeed is true for my mood. Today a large letter from Emeryville in California, home of Erika aka strange and violent arrived and turned myself into a very happy person. I met Erika in May, after our mutual friend Melisser recommended my couch (and hopefully me) to stay with during Erika's Europe trip. I am absolutely thankful for getting to know Miss Strange (and violent), we had so much fun together and really like each others, as you can read here: http://eeeadventure.blogspot.com/ :) I have to admit I was unhappy when she left after four days, but since San Francisco is on the top of my list of places I want to visit, I'm sure I'll see her again sooner than later.
And besides meeting people in real life, sending e-mails and tweets, there is also this old-fashioned but wonderful thing called mail. You probably all know, that presents can't be judged by their material but by their sentimental value. So I was immeasurable happy to find this letter from Erika in my mailbox including the East Bay Express featuring a long article about my most favorite band of all times Rancid. Thank you so much Erika!!! As soon as I completed this post I will start to read it!
You see, living so far away from new and not-so-new friends might be difficult and even hurtful from time to time, but with a little help, there are ways to get over your loneliness, especially in a city like Berlin.
XO to all who deserve it!