Freitag, 13. März 2009

It's the love of my life!

No, this post is not about the man. It's about my little monster.
There are dogs, where you guess someone accidentally pushed a mute button. Strummer is one of these dogs. Something really extreme has to happen before you hear a single tone to come out of their mouths (like a hit from a 18 pounds cat).
But also there are dogs, where you wished you had at least a button to turn the volume down. A bit, at least a little bit, just for a second, GOD DAMMIT CAN'T YOU JUST SHUT UP?
Wether they are barking, whimpering, howling, singing, muttering, growling or whining.

My doggy is one of the latter. Her name is Frenya and she is a 70 pounds heavy, 27'' high (plus neck and head) Giantschnauzer. Her date of birth should have been a warning. You just can't get a normal dog when she was born on April 1st!
Seven years ago I read an ad in the newspaper, that a new home was really needed for a 13 weeks old Giant schnauzer girl. A farmer near Potsdam hadn't watched his dogs carefully and suddenly there were puppies everywhere. Frenya had been allready adopted, but was then brought back after ONE week, because the couple have had split up. And no one wanted to care for her anymore. Strange!
So I called afriend to pick her up and two hours later I was the proud mom of a monster pup! I had to fight really hard for her attention and to make her listen to me. Schnauzers are real bullheads, they need to accept you as the leader before they will do anything for you. But because the giant ones don't grow up until the age of 3, you first have to deal with a huge baby pup for years.

Because I planned to stay in San Francisco for a year and my ex-boyfriend (Frenya's dad) was studiying in Mexico City, we decided to give her to a hostfamily for six month. Since I returned from the States I am homeless and had to leave her in the hostfamily until Philipp finished his semester in Southamerica.
It was so hard for me to know her just 30 minutes away from me and not to be able to see her at all. She wouldn't have understood, if I had left after visiting her! I cried a lot during these weeks, but the joy when we finally picked her up compensated me for everything. And so I couldn't hold me from taking thousands of pictures and videos of her during our first day together in Babelsberg since September.

She cost me a lot of strength, nerves and sleep, but I will never stop loving her for being silly, annoying and loud in every single moment of her life!