Montag, 5. April 2010

It's about breaking up forever and a new love

Oh well, not with the man of course!

Crazy how long it has been since my last blog entry. I guess it just shows, I'm not the born blogger and still have to get used to it. So many things happened in the last months, but most times I just don't have a camera with me to document on fun things like the Vegan Summer Party in Berlin, Demonstrations with Berlin-Vegan or Potlucks with friends.

But to start with very positive news, I want you all to know, that my wish from the second last entry has been fulfilled. I HAVE A JOB! And not just any job but a great one. Somehow I managed to blend everyone about myself and got the position of a trainee manager at LUSH in July. Last month I moved to Hamburg and now hoping to become the shop manager of this incredible fun shop with the best team ever!

You cannot believe how happy I am about this. Working for a responsible company with 70% vegan products is so awesome and absolutely enrich my life. And not that I want to plug LUSH (never...) but I'm really into our stuff, so just go there and get yourself a vegan treat, you won't regret it :)

The break up I mentioned in my title refers to the oh so healthy fast food restaurant I wrote about before "Superegos for me!" What an extreme disappointment. If you remember I wasn't that fond of their food the first time I went there, but that they would totally screw up the second chance I wanted to give them was kind of a surprise to me. Since I worked a only two minutes foodwalk away from this place, I decided to get myself a nice lunch there.

The new menu they have clearly points out which meals are lactose-free, seasonal, gluten-free, spicy, low carb or vegan. This customer-friendly improvement made me rethink my first impression for a little while. I ordered the vegan B-classic burger and a simple salad, which weren't impressive but quite yummy and cheap. A vegan burger for € 2,70 (about 4 US $) isn't too bad. 
But now the bad surprises start. I was on my way out, scanning the menu in my hand for something interesting to try next time when I came across a wrap with feta marked as vegan. Too cut a long story short, the girls at the counter told me that there were about 40 mistakes in the menu and that not only the wrap, but also MY burger and some other "vegan" delicacies include disgusting things such as various types of mother's milk. 
The women's affirmation, if I had asked about my burger being vegan or not, they had told, didn't really make me feel any better. A vegetarian restaurant that sell non-vegan items declared as vegan makes me furious! Feel free to tell the people at "Super not good for vegans!" what you think about all this: Maybe this will make them at least reprint the menu.

But don't let us think about bad things like that for too long. There are so many amazing places out there to talk about and a certain one I want to tell you about: Café Vux!

Café Vux is simply perfect! A wonderful furnished little all vegan Café in Berlin-Neukölln. They serve unbelievable cupcake and cake dreams, such as wild berries-ginger-lemon cheesecake, chocolate-chili tarte or lavender cream torte. They also have the best bagel in town a huge range of organic tea and a daily changing soup. 

If you feel more like having an unhurried, cheap brunch with a mouthwatering assortment of healthy food, well Café Vux is as well the best place in town. I've been to their brunch several Sundays with my dear friend Kristin and never been disappointment.
I love accidentally meeting befriended vegans from Berlin there, which you will do since it's the place to be on a Sunday morning.
You need to go there and experience yourself heaven on earth!

Although my time is not increasing since I have my job, I will try hard to post here more often. There are enough amazing and adventurous things in my life to share, so keep your fingers crossed ;)